Regarding the letter to the editor “McDonald’s should know that cage-free hens’ lives not all they’re cracked up to be” (Sept. 29):

McDonald’s did the right thing by announcing a switch to cage-free eggs.

Most egg-laying chickens in our nation are locked inside cages so small they can’t even spread their wings.

Ample science demonstrates that cage-free conditions are better for animal welfare and food safety, which is why The Humane Society of the United States and Center for Food Safety advocate for a switch to cage-free

Unlike caged hens, cage-free birds can walk, spread their wings, lay their eggs in nests, perch and more.

Egg producers who want to be a part of the 21st century recognize that cage confinement simply has no future.

Thanks to companies like McDonald’s, that future will arrive soon, and we should all be thankful for it.

Anita Coupe

Biddeford Pool