It seems we’re always celebrating “National (fill in the blank) Day.” From National Noodle Day to National Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day, you could celebrate nonstop all year long.

While the importance of some of these days can be a little suspect, today, Saturday, Oct. 10, is one of those national days of appreciation that we think really is worthy of acknowledgment.

Today is National Newspaper Carrier Appreciation Day.

Did you know Warren Buffett, Bob Hope and Martin Luther King Jr. were all newspaper carriers? In fact, they, along with dozens of other successful business leaders, statesmen and entertainment figures, are part of the Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame. (Yes. It really exists.) Several of Portland’s business leaders can recall how delivering the Press Herald and Evening Express was their first job.

Today in Maine, we have our own team of 350-plus men and women who deliver the MaineToday Media newspapers – the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel. When you compare their challenge of delivering papers seven days a week to that of other delivery services, you’ll see the tenacity of our crew stands apart.

Northeaster. Record snowfall. Wildlife. There’s no challenge our carriers haven’t seen and tackled.

Being a newspaper carrier is not an easy gig. They arrive at our distribution depots at 2 a.m., hit the road with a carload of newspapers and special delivery instructions, and they must complete their route by 6 on weekdays. Like so many hardworking Mainers, they hold second jobs to support their families.

Each year we select “Carriers of the Year” to acknowledge exemplary service. This year, we are pleased to announce that our winners are Maureen Wilkinson, a carrier in the Wiscasset area since 1998, and Philip Flint, a carrier since 1998 serving the Scarborough area. Both Maureen and Philip have outstanding service records and know many customers not just by address but also by name.

If you are fortunate enough to be served by one of our long-standing carriers, you appreciate the value of their service. Our carriers rely on tips as part of their income, so please remember to tip your carrier for exceptional service. You can leave them an envelope in your delivery tube, add a tip to your bill, or submit a tip online at www.pressherald/myaccount.

We are committed to delivering exceptional journalism in our newspapers. We are driven by our mission to inform, protect, and entertain you, our devoted readers, through our journalism.

Producing a newspaper is like a relay race, with many people doing their parts to bring it across the finish line. The anchor leg of the daily journey of each newspaper is entrusted to our newspaper carriers. Each day we gladly give them the baton to make certain our newspaper gets in your hands. And today, on National Newspaper Carrier Day, we say thank you.