Earlier this summer, a few days before the U.S. women’s soccer team played in the World Cup final, the Press Herald posted a sports editorial pointing out that one big reason women’s sports are not supported enough is that the media do not give them nearly equal coverage as men’s sports. Well, here we go again.

Does anyone realize the WNBA finals are going on right now? And has the Press Herald learned from that editorial?

I think not, when the second game of the WNBA finals gets one little paragraph in smaller font in Wednesday’s edition (Sports Digest, Page D3). Instead, the sports pages included a general interest story about an oversized high school football player (Page D4).

If the NBA finals had gotten so little coverage, the sports world would be up in arms. Obviously, not much has changed for women’s sports coverage.

There are at least two games left in the WNBA finals. Please make a concerted effort to award them the space these hardworking players deserve.

Tani Eckstrand