I’m urging a vote for Rob Korobkin for Portland City Council, District 2.

While the current council’s tenure has bogged down in clashes with residents over Portland’s redevelopment, the housing crisis worsens, municipal budgets are overloaded and an addiction epidemic spreads.

If we continue with business as usual, sooner than we think the city will become a place for the wealthy and the poor, but very few folks in between.

Rob Korobkin wants to work to make Portland for everybody. As a community organizer, Rob co-founded the Greater Portland Community Land Trust to build permanently affordable housing.

Rob is a computer systems consultant by day. On nights and weekends, he volunteers with the Southern Maine Workers Center in efforts to raise wages for Portland’s lowest-paid workers.

Rob is a visionary with a humble touch, and a willingness to listen.

Learn more about his campaign and platform for Portland’s future at www.robkforcouncil.com.

Tim Paradis