Gov. LePage has impeached himself.

The circus continues as our governor has decided not to allow members of the public to provide valuable service to our state because he won’t fill vacancies on multiple state boards and commissions.

This is yet another example of an elected official deciding not to do his job because he wants to pick and choose which requirements of the job he is going to perform.

Maine has a long tradition of members of the public volunteering their time, energy and talents to making our state work. Without this significant contribution by so many, government will grind to a halt in many areas of service that are critical to all of us.

When this latest stunt of not filling vacancies is viewed alongside all the other recent bizarre actions of the governor when dealing with the Legislature, one can quickly see the office of the governor has been removed from being a part of solving many of the problems of our state. In a sense, one could easily make the point that the governor has self-imposed an impeachment of himself and, in so doing, has seriously undermined a basic principle of good government.

There are many who believe the governor’s multiple violations of the principles of effective and efficient government warrant removing him from office through formal impeachment proceedings. Maybe this isn’t really necessary because LePage has already impeached himself and moved the office of the governor to the back row of state leadership. What a tragedy.

Paul Krohne


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