In the Oct. 4 Another View (“Foes of abortion a key part of the ‘war on women,’ “), a woman repeated a quote, saying that “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” I’m sure that many men found that insulting and wrong. Sadly, it has become socially acceptable for women to mischaracterize and insult men categorically.

It is not a “War-on-Women” when people say that women should not be able to legally kill their babies. Nor is it a “War-on-Women” when people don’t want to be forced to pay for the killing of babies.

Planned Parenthood says that it doesn’t use our tax dollars for abortions, but it’s just from another pocket in the same pair of pants. We are indirectly funding abortions, along with the harvesting of human body parts.

Note that our Founding Fathers did not write that all men are born equal. They wrote that all men are created equal, because even then, they understood that human beings are not created at birth.

I truly believe that future generations will look upon this era as The American Holocaust.

Allan Neff

South Portland