Who are the people behind the Question 1 TV campaign?

The campaign finance reports they filed show that some guy from New York has written a couple of checks totaling $200,000.

Three other out-of-staters wrote checks for $50,000 each. Some Massachusetts group called Proteus Action League kicked in $350,000.

Why are these out-of-state people and groups so interested in solving our clean elections problem?

The real problem we have is people and special interest groups from “away” who think they can come up here and use their big checks to tell us Mainers what’s good for us.

Want to use your out-of-state money to help the people of Maine? Randomly dial any area code 207 number, and I’m sure whoever answers the phone can give you the names of a half-dozen local community service organizations that are desperately in need of additional funding.

Mike Slavin


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