DETROIT — The UAW union has decided to condense the voting process on its new agreement with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to just two days as it tries to avoid some of the problems that led to the rejection of its first agreement with the automaker last month.

The UAW’s nearly 40,000 members employed by the automaker are scheduled to vote on the new tentative agreement next Tuesday and Wednesday, the union said Monday.

A majority of the workers represented by the union must vote in favor of the agreement for it to be ratified.

The voting schedule contrasts with a two-week voting process in September on an earlier agreement that saw voting results from many UAW locals leak out before all workers had voted. As those results became public, it became clear workers were voting against the agreement and workers who voted last appeared to matter less than those who went first.

That agreement was rejected by 65 percent of Fiat Chrysler workers who voted.

While Fiat Chrysler workers vote, workers at Ford and General Motors continue to wait anxiously for information about their next contract. When the UAW selected Fiat Chrysler as its lead target in September, it put talks with the other two automakers on hold.