I write to endorse Spencer Thibodeau for Portland City Council.

Spencer stands out among three strong candidates for the District 2 seat.

As a longtime District 2 resident, I like seeing a new candidate who seeks excellence in city government. Spencer listens carefully and puts what he learns to work. He’s gained lots from five months of going door-to-door.

Spencer has innovative ideas for helping small, local business find success; for boosting education from pre-kindergarten to our universities; and for shaping development to create well-paid jobs.

Along with the big and ambitious, Spencer pays attention to basics. He understands a city must operate within its means to deliver services. Top priorities include ensuring that Portland effectively repairs schools, streets and sidewalks, picks up trash and helps move cars, bikes and pedestrians smoothly through the city.

Spencer has a rare mix of smarts, pragmatism, energy and optimism. He deserves your vote.

Jon Hinck

at-large city councilor