I am writing to express my support for Marla Stelk’s candidacy for Gorham Town Council.

I have known Marla professionally for several years and know her to be intelligent, thoughtful and an experienced planner – just the qualities we look for in an elected official.

I have met with Marla several times to discuss her candidacy, and to hear her thoughts about Gorham and what can be done to help Gorham navigate its growth sustainably.

Marla has a master’s degree in community planning and development and has helped other communities such as South Portland and Bowdoinham with their comprehensive plan updates. She is knowledgeable in current planning strategies and has a long-term vision for Gorham.

Gorham needs someone with Marla’s skills and enthusiasm for community planning and development. I believe that Marla is the best candidate running for Gorham Town Council and encourage other residents to support her candidacy as well.

Jim Boyle

former Democratic state senator, District 6