Question 2 on Portland’s ballot this year is bad for the city and its economy.

If successful, Question 2 will create new hurdles for businesses looking to grow and create jobs in Portland, and it will immediately cost the city over $200 million in lost economic activity – and that’s just for one project.

The executive committee of the Maine Real Estate & Development Association voted to endorse the No on Question 2 campaign as a way to draw attention to this poorly written ordinance.

At MEREDA, we’re committed to promoting fair and responsible development, and we have a strong interest in protecting the qualities that make Portland special.

But Question 2 goes too far, and if the ordinance passes, the City Council won’t be able to fix it, no matter how bad the consequences.

MEREDA is urging Portland voters to say “no” on Question 2.

Michael P. O’Reilly

president, Maine Real Estate & Development Association