Mayor Michael Brennan of Portland will get my vote on Nov. 3.

At a mayoral candidate event at the Portland Public Library, each was to give three personal characteristics and three priorities for the city. Two of the candidates did just that – Brennan and Tom MacMillan. The third candidate, Ethan Strimling, only gave us a summary of his earlier life and current work.

Next, we asked the candidates direct questions. Two responded by outlining their thinking and plans of action: Brennan and MacMillan.

Strimling never answered any of the questions.

What would he do differently from the current mayor? His one-word answer was “leadership.”

What did he mean? We only received more biographical information. The response was very “Donald-Trump-like.”

Brennan should not be held responsible for differences of opinions of city councilors nor for actions of our governor. His head is in the right spot, and his leadership should be continued.

Delene Perley


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