As a small-business owner in Portland, I am losing sleep wondering how our family business is going to survive if the minimum wage doubles to $15 per hour.

Here are the potential actions we will need to take to survive a doubling of the minimum wage:

Eliminate all charitable contributions. As a longtime board member of United Way, I know how critical business contributions are to local charities. But I have to survive.

 Reduce staff hours and, at the same time, reduce staff.

 Eliminate merit pay increases and merit bonuses.

 I currently provide many teens with their first job but will have to focus on hiring seasoned workers. I will no longer be able to afford our teen training program.

I am sure I am not alone in potentially taking these unfortunate actions. Many business and nonprofit leaders are planning the same actions.

Please vote “no” on the $15-per-hour minimum wage.

Larry Davis

Hallowell and Peaks Island