Yarmouth High football coach Jason Veilleux has been absent from practice this week after experiencing a health scare Saturday.

“I had extreme chest pains, felt nauseous and my hands were sweating,” said Veilleux.

With a family history of heart disease, Veilleux thought he might be having a heart attack.

He said his discomfort continued during an ambulance ride to Maine Medical Center, but tests ruled out a heart attack, he said.

“I was relieved to know it wasn’t a heart attack,” he said. “I’m home resting for a few days, taking it easy.”

Veilleux went to the doctor Tuesday for a follow-up.

“I’m awaiting more blood work and a stress test in the next few days. I’m not going to know anymore until the tests. I should be back with the team by Saturday,” he said.

Yarmouth (7-0), the top-ranked team in Class C South, plays at Freeport (0-7) at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Veilleux, 41, said the chest pains were likely stress-related. Last Friday night in a game between 6-0 teams, Yarmouth rallied to beat Cape Elizabeth 37-36, scoring the winning points with 28 seconds remaining.

“I wasn’t taking care of myself,” said Veilleux. “I was up late planning for the games and wasn’t eating properly. Coaching football, working full time (assistant director of Yarmouth Community Services), trying to start a business (aerial photography) and maintaining a family life, I think it was exhaustion and being dehydrated.”

Veilleux said it was a wake-up call.

“I have to take better care of myself,” he said.

“We are aware that Coach Veilleux may need some time away from the team,” said Susan Robbins, Yarmouth’s athletic director.

“We certainly are hopeful that he will be back to full health and be able to join the team for the playoffs, but we are supportive of his need to address his own well-being at this time. We’ll work with him, and what’s best for him and the team.”

Veilleux is in his second year on the job, but spent several years coaching football in Yarmouth. He was a head coach at the youth and middle-school levels, and served as an assistant coach at the high school.

Last season the Clippers went 6-4, losing in the regional semifinals. Veilleux said assistants Jim Werner, Rick Tillotson and Jay Snyder will share the coaching duties against Freeport if he’s not available.