There is a very important election coming up. On Nov. 3, Mainers will have the opportunity to vote in support of Question 1 on the statewide ballot (not to be confused with the local Question 1, which is just in Portland).

Question 1 will increase transparency in our elections and limit the influence of wealthy special interests on elected officials by strengthening clean elections and toughening fines and penalties for those who break our election laws.

With the amount of money in politics these days, it’s essential that we, the people, work together to elevate our voice in our elections so that politicians are accountable to us – not to wealthy special interests and deep-pocketed corporations that can write big checks.

That’s why Question 1 on November’s ballot is so important. I hope Mainers will join in on Nov. 3 and vote “yes” on Question 1.

Lily Cuellar

South Portland

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