I am tired of everyone, every day, bashing Planned Parenthood. They do so much more than end pregnancies; they provide quality gynecological and obstetric services. They saved my daughter’s life a couple years ago.

A few years ago, my married daughter suffered an ectopic pregnancy. At the time, she did not have any medical insurance, and we footed the bill for treatment by a “regular doctor.”

A year later she was having excruciating pain, and she ended up going to Planned Parenthood in Portland.

They discovered that all the placental tissue from the ectopic pregnancy had not left her body. It was rotting away inside her, and she was on the verge of toxic shock.

They were able to schedule her for a simple surgery at a very reasonable price. Without this surgery, she would have gone into shock and died.

So please don’t think Planned Parenthood equals only abortions. They do so much more, and, for that, I am grateful.

Rosemarie Sanchez