Now that it’s just about impossible to go outside without grabbing at least a jacket, our tastes have turned from giant iced coffees to anything with steam rising from it that warms the hands curled around the cup.

My latest discovery: Wild Maine Blueberry Fruit Tea from Bar Harbor Tea Co. It’s a blend of wild Maine blueberries (purchased from a local grower), organic elderberries, currants, organic hibiscus, organic rosehip and organic blueberry leaves, encased in one of those sensuous premium tea bags shaped like a triangle.

Open up one of the individually wrapped packets, and the scent of fresh wild blueberries hits your nose as strongly as if someone had sprayed it from a bottle.

I sound like an advertisement, I know. But I love blueberries, and this tea was the most satisfying blueberry-something I’ve had in ages.

Stacy Downey, owner of Bar Harbor Tea Co., advised me to steep it a little longer than other teas – five to seven minutes – but I ended up just leaving the tea bag in the hot water until I had drained my cup. It won’t become bitter because it doesn’t contain any actual tea. It’s just blueberries.

The company, which blends all of its teas in Maine with fresh ingredients in small batches, also makes a Wild Maine Blueberry Black Tea and a Wild Maine Blueberry Green Tea. With the black tea, the tea base is the predominant flavor, laced with gentle (but not too subtle) blueberry flavor.

While the blueberry herbal tea has a purplish color, the black tea brewed up a beautiful chocolate brown. It tasted, for lack of a better word, clean.

Downey said customers who are avoiding caffeine or want to consume higher levels of antioxidants buy the herbal variety, while people who like a more traditional tea choose the black tea base.

The blueberry teas made with the black and green tea bases cost $12.95 for a box of 15 teabags, while the blueberry fruit teabags are $13.95.

Bar Harbor Tea Co. teas are available in the shop at 150 Main St. in Bar Harbor, or you can order online. They are also available at Sherman’s Bookstore locations, Maine’s Pantry in Portland, C Salt Gourmet Market in Cape Elizabeth and Gibran Gifts in Kennebunkport.