Merlyn Fogg’s Oct. 17 letter opposing North Yarmouth’s referendum is sad and disappointing.

She’s angry about taxes. She believes the town will explode with houses and schoolchildren, creating an “urban megatown.”

Young families of North Yarmouth, take note. Seems she’d like to close town borders to you. I hope Ms. Fogg doesn’t have grandchildren in need of an education.

By “urban megatown,” does she mean the 30 units of senior housing the plan envisions?

Transforming a closed school into a vibrant community center and town office and incorporating a reborn Wescustogo Hall: bad? Jump-starting economic development: bad? Slowing taxes by sheltering value in a TIF district, like Cumberland: bad?

“Three hundred-plus houses on quarter-acre lots”? She hasn’t read the proposal correctly. Using an existing septic system? Yes. One that engineers tell us is safe and has plenty of capacity.

I suggest Ms. Fogg learn the facts. If she did, she’d vote yes on local Question 1.

Katie Murphy

North Yarmouth

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