Statewide ballot Question 1 – for accountable Maine elections – will not raise taxes. This is true despite misinformation being foisted on us by those who prefer not to have accountable elections in Maine.

No tax increase. Plain and simple.

The 15 years of public campaign funding provided by Maine’s famous Clean Election Act have given us what political scientist Nicholas Carnes called “the most blue-collar Legislature in the nation” – people owing nothing to special interests, more attuned to the priorities of Maine people, more likely to handle tax policy the way you’d want them to.

In 2011 the Supreme Court bizarrely struck down our method of providing extra money to outspent candidates – a death blow.

Question 1 solves this, using money derived from closing tax giveaways to corporations that don’t perform as promised, not by increasing taxes.

Please vote “yes” on Question 1 on Nov. 3. Restore our famous Clean Election law, without increasing taxes.

Dick Atlee

Southwest Harbor

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