In her recent letter opposing the Question 1 ballot initiative (Oct. 21), Paula Sutton engages in hogwash, as does M.D. Harmon in his recent column on the topic.

Most people know that big-money donors have corrupted the politics of our state and country. To claim otherwise is a deliberate effort to deceive the reader.

The Supreme Court invalidated part of our Clean Election law, which had relieved candidates from the necessity of seeking donations from big-money interests and becoming beholden.

In the first Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump cynically exposed the role big money plays in politics.

He stated words to the effect that he donates to all politicians. When he calls those politicians, they then owe him favorable treatment.

None of his on-stage opponents denied Trump’s contention that big donors control politicians’ actions and votes.


How sad.

Vote “yes” on Question 1.

Steve Melchiskey


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