The Maine State Chamber’s opposition to Question 1 is disingenuous (“Maine Voices: Vote against Clean Election Initiative to protect Maine’s economy,” Oct. 23). They should have noted that the only tax incentives that would be discontinued to help to pay for Clean Elections are those that are nonperforming.

They cite the business equipment tax reimbursement and Pine Tree Development Zone programs, etc., but no particular programs are listed in the referendum.

Tax breaks for businesses are undoubtedly profitable for savvy businesses, but are they a waste of taxpayer money? The state has no evidence that any of these tax breaks are creating jobs or boosting the economy. If adopted, Question 1 would require that analysis.

The chamber says it supports the concept of Question 1, but not how it would be paid for. In fact, their members have a vested interest in the status quo. It’s time to ‘fess up.

Janice Cooper

Democratic state representative


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