Mainers have a proud tradition of trailblazing state initiatives. On Nov. 3, we will have another opportunity to make history and lead the nation.

Question 1 on the statewide ballot is the most important action in the United States on the critically important issue of keeping our elections of, by and for the people.

The Sierra Club cares about fair elections because we know that campaign contributions from fossil fuel executives, big polluting corporations and special interest lobbyists drown out the people’s interests in protecting our health and environment.

It’s time to take back control of our elections, fight the power of money in politics and elect leaders who value a clean, safe environment.

With increased transparency and accountability in Maine government, control of elections will be put where it belongs – in the hands of the voters.

On Nov. 3, stand up for democracy, let Maine lead by example and vote “yes” on Question 1.

Joan B. Saxe

Sierra Club Maine Democracy Initiative


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