The Manufacturers Association of Maine urges all Maine voters to cast a “no” vote on statewide Question 1 on the Nov. 3 ballot.

On the surface, the initiative appears to be about “clean” elections, but if you dig a little deeper, you will learn that the funding mechanism is deeply flawed.

If passed, Question 1 would permanently eliminate $6 million in critical business tax incentives that Maine businesses rely on to grow jobs and invest in Maine and Maine’s people. We cannot afford that.

While other states are rolling out the red carpet to attract new business, and lure our manufacturers to their states, Maine offers more modest incentives to do business here. Our economy and our business community need these incentives to remain competitive regionally, nationally and globally.

Please do your research about this referendum – and cast a “no” vote on Question 1 on Nov. 3. Vote “no” to protect and create Maine jobs.

Derek S. Volk

chair of the board

Lisa G. Martin

executive director

Manufacturers Association of Maine


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