The Navy’s search for the sunken container ship El Faro continued without success Wednesday, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a prepared statement.

A side-scan sonar that is towed through the ocean was used in an effort to locate the vessel, the NTSB said. It was the first of 13 scheduled sweeps of an area near Crooked Island in the Bahamas. The mission will take about two weeks.

The El Faro sank Oct. 1 during Hurricane Joaquin in seas as deep as 15,000 feet.

The side-scan sonar is capable of going as deep as 20,000 feet, and can create an image of a ship.

The crew of the Apache, a fleet ocean tug, is coordinating the search. The crew tried to locate the El Faro’s voyage data recorder Monday using a towed pinger locater, but was unable to detect any signals.

Five graduates of Maine Maritime Academy were on the El Faro when it sank, including the captain, Michael Davidson of Windham.

The other crew members with connections to Maine were Dylan Meklin, 23, of Rockland; Danielle Randolph, 34, of Rockland; Michael Holland, 25, of Wilton; and Mitchell Kuflik of Brooklyn, New York, a Maine Maritime graduate.

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