I Googled Portland Press Herald and single-use bags (these six words, with no quotation marks) and got 42,700 results.

Town after town is discussing the use of the plastic bag. Probably a ban is a better idea. I’m not sure how the doggie bag will fare in this new program.

Now to my point: My daily Portland Press Herald arrives at my newspaper box by 5:45 a.m. All too frequently, it is inside a yellow, single-use plastic bag. On one day recently, for example, it was not raining. On Page 1, the day’s forecast was “Mostly Cloudy.”

A year ago I collected over 30 bags and left them in my newspaper tube for pickup by the carrier. That didn’t happen.

My suggestion is: Discontinue the use of these bags when at all possible and become part of the solution.

John Holmes


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