I am writing because, in addition to my long-held view on the subject, I am now over 88 years old and trying to come to terms with what lies ahead.

I was disappointed that our Legislature failed to pass a law similar to the statutes in the enlightened states of Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana.

In Augusta, one vote made the difference in defeating what the large majority of the population wants in order to relieve the cruel end-of-life circumstances that many face, including financial waste and emotional agony as well as physical pain.

Philosophically, in the “land of the free” there ought to be choices. The victims of terminal diseases that have no cure deserve the choice of assisted death with dignity.

Otherwise, the alternative becomes the horror of suffering through attempts to keep one alive, or illegally committing suicide – frequently done by gruesome methods that upset loved ones and involve legal issues.

Let’s hope Maine will soon pass compassionate legislation.

Bob Tripler

South Portland

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