The Sugarloaf ski area received a shipment this weekend of a replacement for the chairlift that malfunctioned early this year, injuring seven skiers and stranding more than 200 in midair.

The King Pine terminal’s motor housing arrived Saturday from Utah and will be assembled over the next several days, according to the Carrabassett Valley ski resort’s Twitter feed.

“King Pine motor housing trucked up hill. Snowmaking orientation complete. Next step: winter,” Sugarloaf tweeted Saturday. “Order up! The meats of the King Pine terminal arrived today, straight from Utah. Assembly starts tomorrow.”

The Associated Press reported in June that Sugarloaf would spend $800,000 to replace the King Pine chairlift.

Investigators said a gear box failure caused the chairlift to move in reverse last March. It failed to stop immediately because of a design flaw.

Sugarloaf said that the new lift will feature a redesigned gear box and the latest anti-rollback technology. The only pieces that will remain from the old lift will be its existing towers and chairs.

Richard Wilkinson, Sugarloaf’s vice president of mountain operations, told WCSH-TV that the ski resort could have rebuilt the lift, but chose not to.

“I ride these lifts, too. My family rides these lifts. They have to be safe. No doubt about it. They can’t fail,” Wilkinson said.