Re: “University of Missouri president, chancellor resign as revolt brews over racial tensions” (Nov. 9):

What a teachable moment at the University of Missouri. Students protest and the football team says it won’t play unless the president of the university system quits.

The university system president quits. End of story. Now rewind. College is supposed to be a learning experience, and the university system caved to the students to protect the money side.

What if the president of the university system said, “You all have one day to decide the following. In 24 hours, if you decide to continue the protest, the university will forfeit the remaining games for the year. Sports scholarships and any other scholarships of protesters will be canceled at the end of the semester, which is about four weeks away.

“College is a teachable moment, and decisions have consequences, and riots and/or damages to the university will be vigorously prosecuted.

“The decision to fire the president of the university system is the board’s responsibility and not the students’ and if it is found that the system president needs to be fired, then maybe the whole board might also be included.”

Maybe this stuff is what makes Donald Trump so popular: A very large segment of America – let me rephrase that, “working America” – has had enough.

Tom Sawyer


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