Re: “Note to Readers,” Page A2, Nov. 15:

What a spineless decision to remove the “Doonesbury” strip from your paper and replace it with the pabulum of “Pooch Cafe.”

“Doonesbury” is an intelligent political satire that deals with serious issues. To claim it is not “family friendly” and does not represent family values is a farce.

It’s also hypocritical. Monday’s edition of the comics contains two strips full of violence: “Mark Trail” and “Beetle Bailey.”

The former contained this phrase: “That right hook is a real lullaby machine,” and last week’s strip consisted entirely of people shooting each other. “Beetle Bailey” consisted entirely of a brawl; it is also often sexist and insulting to women. “Family friendly”? Really?

I have been a subscriber since 1988. There are two things I look forward to reading each day: local news and “Doonesbury.” If you eliminate “Doonesbury,” there is one less reason to subscribe.

At the very least, please consider placing “Doonesbury” on the editorial page, as many papers do. Otherwise I will be reading it online, and may take my entire news-reading habit online instead of in the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.

Amy MacDonald