In 2008, the York County manager was paid $70,000 annually and was under contract for two years. The current county manager, Gregory Zinser, is paid $120,000 and has hired a full-time human resources manager at $70,000 to relieve him of some of his workload, for a total cost of $190,000.

Probate Judge Robert M.A. Nadeau could handle the county manager’s job and save the county money in legal costs as well, but the county manager could not do the job of the probate judge because the county manager lacks the education and knowledge to do so.

You have a very knowledgeable probate judge who cares about the people of York County.

Now he has asked the county commissioners to fund more than two days per week because of the mounting caseload due to population growth in the county. They have refused – their response is to ask him to suck it up (“Judge denied big pay raise retaliated by causing backlog, York County officials say,” Nov. 9).

Sally Chandler stated in a commissioners meeting in July 2008 that any public official should be willing to work whatever hours necessary to get the job done, no matter how little they are paid or how many hours they have to work.

She and the other county commissioners are paid the equivalent of $258,667 annually for their three-hour biweekly duties to the county. The position of county commissioner does not require either education or experience, whereas the position of probate judge requires a law degree.

Nancy Auclair

former York County treasurer

Concord, N.C.