On Nov. 19, 1915, labor activist Joe Hill was executed by firing squad in Utah for the murders of Salt Lake City grocer

John Morrison and his son, Arling.

Ten years ago

Two dozen Iraqi men, women and children in Haditha were killed by U.S. Marines after a Marine was killed by a roadside bomb. (Eight Marines were initially charged in the case; one was acquitted and six others had their cases dropped. The squad leader, Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, received a general discharge under honorable conditions after pleading guilty to negligent dereliction of duty.) President George W. Bush arrived in Beijing for talks with Chinese leaders.

Five years ago

President Barack Obama, attending a NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal, won an agreement to build a missile shield over Europe, a victory that risked further aggravating Russia. Twenty-nine miners were killed by a methane explosion in a southern New Zealand coal mine.

One year ago

Defying Congress, President Barack Obama ordered sweeping changes in U.S. immigration policy possibly affecting as many as 5 million living illegally in the U.S. Authorities in Honduras discovered the buried bodies of Maria Jose Alvarado, Miss Honduras 2014, and her sister, Sofia, six days after they had disappeared. (Sofia Alvarado’s boyfriend, Plutarco Antonio Ruiz, is accused of the slayings.) Film and theater director Mike Nichols, 83, died in New York.

— By The Associated Press