I own properties in Portland and have been reading each daily article concerning the issue (“Welcome to Portland – No Vacancy”).

It is unfortunate that Portland people are being squeezed out, but one issue that has yet to be mentioned is that every year, Portland property taxes go up, and generally by a fair amount.

Obviously, when taxes go up, immediately so do rents.

At a time when wages are flat or declining in Portland and the cost of living allowance is 0 percent, the city of Portland still spends more than it takes in. Even without the “invasion” of outside people, many current renters are doomed.

The “invasion” speeds up the process, but the end result is the same. If property taxes go up faster than wages, the cold fact is people will get relocated.

It is noteworthy that the people who are being pushed out are part of the electorate that voted in the current politicians, who are a big contributor to the problem. If Portland can’t control its expenditures, local folks will be moving out and affordable housing will be an unfilled dream.

Brian McDonnell