I commend the Press Herald for consistently showing both sides of issues.

For example: Last Saturday, the lead editorial, condemning the bigotry of Donald Trump (“Our View: Responsible Republicans should cut ties with Trump”), appeared on the same page as a letter to the editor by Bill Perreault expressing Trump’s kind of thinking (“We can’t take a chance on letting Syrian refugees into the U.S.”).

Perreault says we should put all refugees in reservations, as we did the few survivors of our genocide of those who owned (without paperwork) this land when we Europeans arrived.

He says we should ban anyone from “countries (sic) with radical views,” because a few of them might be terrorists. Perhaps every human should be banned from entering this country, because some might be terrorists.

He condemns the Japanese in World War II because kamikaze pilots gave their lives for their country. I was in the Navy from 1943 to 1946, and remember many of my contemporaries gave their lives for this, their country. (Yes, I know what Japan did in the 1930s and 1940s was horribly wrong.)

He criticizes the media for showing photos and a few words of ISIS fanatics because those would convert some young men to ISIS. I’m grateful for the free press that is the foundation of our democracy, and have seen nothing in the Press Herald that alone would steer a reader to religious fanaticism.

Richard Dreselly