I have long been a fan of one of the best writers, thinkers and champions of truth, justice and the American way. Bill Nemitz’s Nov. 1 column (“Savor time because it waits for no one”) touched my heart and broke through to my brain in more ways than any written expression in a long time.

I can even relate to his philosophy from personal experience. I have lived long enough since the advent of the Great Depression to come to miss many a loved one, many a very dear friend, many a brother in arms who fought the good fight to preserve American traditions.

I only hope I will be granted the indulgence of reading a great many more of his insightful columns. Yes, Bill and I are “liberals.”

We are both well aware that this is a nomenclature despised by many of an “ism” that is anything but “liberal” by its classical definition: broadminded, tolerant, well-read, philosophical in a lifelong quest for wisdom, furthering democratic processes, upholding humanistic principles that have brought our kind to fair-minded thoughts to better life for every child born, and a devotion to following God’s Supreme Commandment (Leviticus 19:18).

Long live Bill Nemitz! May his grandchild follow in his footsteps!

George Eaton