A big “thank you” to Robert King for his wonderful Nov. 11 letter regarding the dangers of polluting lawns in our environment (“To encourage native plants and insects, let’s grow wildflowers instead of grass”).

As bee keepers, we have virtually let most of our grass turn into wildflowers without any nurturing whatsoever.

Thank God there are still enough seeds blowing around naturally to nourish our property.

But poisons permeating the so-called “perfect American lawns” are still out there. We must ban the use of all harmful insecticides.

Our love affair with lawns originated in England in the 16th century, and the 17th century with the cosmetically enduring Garden of Versailles.

The fascination with glorifying the green and relishing that weekend warrior image seems to prevail over prideful landowners. Small landscaping corporations ravage the land with machinery even through dry periods, when the grass is sparse.

Ridiculous! These landscaping people need to be re-schooled to plant environmentally safe products on our lawns. Would that be too much to ask for future generations?

Elizabeth Lydia Bodner