A man was taken into custody Thursday afternoon shortly after he was caught jumping the fence of the White House, according to reports from CNN.

The first family is in the White House to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The Secret Service could not be immediately reached for details.

The man was reportedly holding a white envelope, according to CNN.

As of 3:30 p.m. there was a large police presence outside the White House, with Lafayette Park cordoned off and Pennsylvania Avenue shut down.

A woman who was outside the White House on Thursday said she witnessed the incident. She posted photos on Twitter of a man draped in an American flag making his way over the fence. Another photo shows him standing with his arms stretched above his head after landing on the other side.

The Secret Service and security at the White House has been under intense scrutiny since last year, after Omar Jose Gonzalez was able to make it to the president’s front door and into the first floor.

Gonzalez jumped the fence and bolted past several layers of security before a Secret Service agent detained him.

Several others have since attempted to jump the fence.

Earlier this year, officials installed new “pencil point” spikes atop the fence around the White House to deter intruders.