There are no objectively compelling reasons to allow Syrian refugees into the country. Sept. 11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Paris massacres and countless other smaller atrocities demonstrate there are some compelling reasons to keep them out.

Those advocating continued inflows of migrants do so either out of pecuniary interest or to strike a moral pose. They have something to gain individually, either profit, in the case of businesses, churches and charities, or cheap grace, in the case of moralistic individuals.

All the while, society at large bears the price: increased welfare transfers, depressed wages, onerous security and surveillance, a loss of cultural cohesion and, let’s not forget, the occasional mass murder.

Some fine folks are willing to provide meals, clothes and a place to stay. That is nice.

If those advocating the acceptance of refugees, migrants and an unknown quantity of violent extremists were to personally bear the entire cost, up to and including dismemberment or loss of life, might they reconsider? As long as others in society are paying, it’s all strutting, preening and profiting.

Christopher Reimer