“Amen!” to Shoshana Hoose’s critique of Portland’s brick sidewalks (“Portland’s historic brick sidewalks may be charming, but they are not safe,” Nov. 22).

I have lived in houses with asphalt sidewalks. I now have a brick sidewalk and live in a neighborhood with a patchwork quilt of asphalt and brick. Here’s what I’ve experienced.

Bricks are prettier than asphalt. They also glaze over more quickly and at a higher temperature. They are more difficult to shovel.

I use much more snow melt in a struggle to stay ahead of the snow and ice. Since we live three blocks uphill from Portland Harbor, guess where those chemicals end up?

Bricks are more likely to have weeds pop up between sections. And, as Ms. Hoose’s column accurately notes, they are more likely to have uneven surfaces, making walking treacherous at night year round.

However, I don’t let the brick sidewalks (or their property owners’ sloppiness in not clearing their sidewalks promptly after snowfalls) impede my walking. When you see this middle-aged woman trudging in the street this winter, give her a wide berth, please.

That’s why I encourage the city to reconsider its unreasonable allegiance to bricks.

Elizabeth Miller