Gov. LePage’s stance on the Syrian refugees is incomprehensible.

Did the U.S. stop Canadian immigration when French-Canadian separatists set off bombs in Montreal several times? No.

Did the U.S. stop Irish immigration after the Irish Republican Army bombings of the British? No.

Is it a case that the Syrians look different, and practice another religion? Yes.

Instead of appealing to our better instincts to help these poor refugees who have lost everything (the overwhelming majority of whom are children, women and the elderly), LePage rages on with fearmongering about the differences of the Syrian refugees. We are all different, and our families at one time or another have entered the U.S. as immigrants.

The immigrant families have chosen to come here because of our values. That is what makes this a great country. This country needs leaders who will bring out the best in us, not the worst.

Tom Neufeld