Regarding the Tribune News Service article Nov. 21, “‘Islamophobia’ seen spreading in the U.S.”:

I wish the article had dug deeper into this important issue. Perhaps they wanted to be politically correct.

President Obama has criticized Republicans for their stance on Syrian refugees, saying that most of these refugees are women, children and families. We have seen in news photos that a large percentage of them are young men. We also know that some women have joined the jihad.

If we took just 10,000 Syrian refugees and only 1 percent of them were terrorists, that is still over five times the 19 who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks, and over 12 times the number who carried out the Paris attacks. Even the administration admits it cannot adequately screen these refugees.

Why shouldn’t we do more to help shelter and feed these people in the Middle East, rather than see even one Paris-style attack here at home? Do we have to suffer another Sept. 11 before we realize that some of these people would kill us all if they could?

Allan Neff

South Portland