I am absolutely astounded at the paranoia of so many governors in our country (our own Paul LePage included) who are fearful of Syrian refugees, and who have indicated that they will refuse to accept any of these victims of that conflict who may wish to settle in their states.

So many of these refugees are innocent victims of the fighting in their native country and just want to live quiet lives with their family once more.

What a sharp contrast to the lack of fear these same governors exhibit of Americans carrying weapons on their bodies – either concealed or openly.

Their lack of response to the many murders that Americans have perpetrated on other Americans is telling. Apparently they believe that it is preferable for Americans to shoot one another than to welcome some refugees who seek asylum in the U.S.

I find the priorities of these governors to be frightening indeed.

They tell us by what they have said that it is OK for Americans to shoot at one another, but we can’t afford to take a chance and grant asylum to 10,000 Syrian refugees who have fled their country for their lives.

What a sad commentary on our American values these governors present to their constituents!

If she could, the Statue of Liberty would be weeping!

William J. Leffler II