The cost was low, but Gabriella Kaper hopes her small gesture goes a long way.

On Monday, the 20-year-old Portland resident spent $5 at Goodwill on five heavy winter coats, taking advantage of a weekly, dollar-apiece clothing sale at the charitable retailer.

“I went around and picked out the heaviest coats I could get,” she said.

Around Portland, Kaper zipped the warm layers around light posts adorned with a note: “I’m not lost! Please take me if you need me!”

“Someone had done it in a different state, and it was just really inspiring,” Kaper said in an interview. “I wanted to try it myself.”

By Tuesday afternoon, most of the free coats were gone – hopefully in the hands of those who need them, she said.

Kaper said she posted pictures of the coats on social media and is asking others to try their own impromptu coat drive.

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