The United Nations is supposed to uphold international human rights laws. When a “no” vote is cast from any of the representatives against the Palestinians’ right to basic human rights, self-governance and self-determination, it is direct violation of what the law says.

Basic human rights are not a commodity to be gambled with, but the basic foundation to peace for all people and nations. Any every human being would fight oppression and occupation as the Palestinians have for far too long. There is no one in the world who would not defend his home and family against an occupier by any means possible. End the occupation and peace will prevail.

Peace is what one man can give to another only if they are with conscience and of human heart. With greed and corruption come war and killing! The sacredness of basic human rights is the foundation for global peace. If we do not support that, we do not do justice to humanity!

The Palestinians have suffered enough. David and Goliath – David will triumph! Enough spending tax dollars on killing people. Do your job, Washington, and quit lining your pockets with blood money.

Cynthia M. Little