Southworth International Group, a Falmouth provider of ergonomic handling equipment, has acquired a Swedish company that makes similar equipment.

Southworth acquired the stock of Marco Group AB, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic lift tables, based in Ängelholm, Sweden. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Brian McNamara, president of Southworth International Group, said in a statement issued Thursday that the acquisition is strategically important for his company.

“First, it accelerates our presence in both European and Asian markets in which we see significant opportunities. Second, it supplements our existing product supply in China, for both domestic and international trade,” he said. “Between the strong presence in the European market and the extensive manufacturing capabilities globally, we feel that we can gain a competitive position not only overseas but domestically as well.”

Southworth offers equipment designed to improve productivity and worker safety in applications that involve lifting and positioning. Product lines include ergonomic work-positioning tables, portable lifts, container tilters and pallet-handling equipment. The company employs 83 in Falmouth, and has principal manufacturing facilities in Arkansas.

Southworth also has subsidiaries in other parts of the United States and Mexico and has more than a 25-year presence in the Chinese markets.