Thanksgiving: I found out what it is really all about. I had two invitations with friends but declined after spending two weeks in a nursing home with loved ones. I was burned out, so to speak.

On this day around 4:30 I decided to go somewhere for Thanksgiving by myself, but nothing was open except Denny’s! A cup of coffee and French toast sounded good to me at this point.

I entered the restaurant and a couple behind me greeted me with “Happy Thanksgiving,” and I responded you also.

When I went to leave, the waitress told me that couple had paid my bill. It ended up being the most beautiful day of my life because I realized how important it is to pay it forward. Strangers in your life who are true humanitarians are so rare in our world.

Thank you both whoever you are – you taught that there are still wonderful human beings like you in the world who don’t think money is where is at. May I have many more friends like you in my life. Thanks for giving.

Dorothy Tweer