The Voice of the People letter in the Dec. 2 Press Herald by Cynthia Little is nothing more than the usual anti-Jewish lies of the Boycott, Divest, Sanction group which espouses the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

She blames all the misery in the Middle East on Israel and affirms the tirade of BDS, that if Jews didn’t live there, there would be peace and harmony in the world.

One needs only read the rest of the Press Herald concerning Syria’s Assad (Muslim) killing of over 100,000 of his (Muslim) citizens, ISIS (Muslims) raping, torturing, and killing fellow Muslims and Christians throughout the Middle East, as well as the second-class subservient treatment of women in many Muslim dominated countries, to realize how wrong she is.

As long as the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank have no interest in living in peace with a neighboring Jewish state, then Israelis have every right to protect themselves from knife-stabbing, gun-shooting, and bomb-throwing Arab Muslims living in these territories.

The Arabs living within Israel have rights and opportunities far beyond their brothers and sisters living in Muslim-ruled countries. This is how Israeli Jews treat Arabs who accept the right of Jews to live in what has been the Jewish homeland for thousands of years.

Somehow Ms. Little has no interest in these facts. She and the BDS organization like all anti-Semites neither care about the contributions Jews have made to society, religion, and civilization over the centuries nor our basic right to exist. She just wants us gone, and illogically feels that only then will all be right with the world.

Mark Aranson, M.D.