A Husson University student was at it again Monday night, hanging winter coats she had bought for $1 each on trees and poles in downtown Portland.

Gabby Kaper of Portland, a junior majoring in elementary education at Husson’s Westbrook campus, said Tuesday in a telephone interview that after classes, she hung 30 coats throughout the downtown, and was encouraged to see other people, whom she did not know, hanging coats.

Each of Kaper’s coats had a sign attached to it that said: “I am not lost. Please take me if you need me.”

On Nov. 30, Kaper left five winter coats on light posts for those in need. She zipped the warm layers around posts and attached a note to each coat. Her gesture of good will has caught on in Portland, and now spread to Boston.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that someone has been hanging coats and scarves for the needy on trees on the Boston Common. Mittens, gloves, socks and earmuffs have also been draped on some trees downtown.

The Boston Globe reported that notes placed near the clothing read: “I am not lost. If you are stuck out in the cold, please take what you need to keep warm.”

Kaper said she had nothing to do with the effort in Boston.

“It wasn’t me but I’ve heard that a lot of people are starting to do this now,” Kaper said. “I’m surprised. I never thought it would become this big. I think people are seeing how easy this is to do.”

And Kaper doesn’t intend to stop.

She plans to continue buying coats from Goodwill and hanging them on poles and trees every Monday night throughout the winter. She plans to extend her effort beyond downtown Portland next week.

And when the weather begins to warm up next spring, she plans to hang T-shirts and backpacks on poles and trees.