In Monday’s edition of the Portland Press Herald, I was most disappointed by the lack of coverage of the Rally for Refugees, held in Monument Square in Portland on Sunday evening.

This was the largest rally I have seen in the past 10 years, easily surpassing 1,000 participants, and was an important statement of the attitude of Maine residents regarding “new Mainers.” The participants ranged from young to elderly and all the speakers were articulate advocates for all categories of refugees.

The Press Herald cannot claim an early deadline, as the rally had ended around 7 p.m. – about the same time as the Patriots debacle, which was covered in depth.

The president’s address was, appropriately, covered on the front page, but none of the lead articles in the Local & State section were breaking news. The lack of coverage of the rally really diminishes the value of the Press Herald for this reader.

(Rev.) Donald J. Rudalevige

Cape Elizabeth