It is heartening to note the progress of Scotland’s tidal power initiative, which taps the energy of the ocean’s tides to turn underwater turbines that will make electricity.

Tidal power is very likely the next big thing in clean energy. How wonderful it would be if Maine, with its many inlets and corresponding tides, could move to the forefront of this technology.

Unlike sun and wind, tides are extremely predictable and the turbines are relatively benign. They will not mar the landscape with sight or sound, important to many Mainers.

As a potential side benefit, the base structures could be designed as artificial reefs that support lobsters and other marine life.

Although this may necessitate closing some areas to fishing, the potential increase of stock is a wonderful side benefit. At a time when Maine desperately needs new industries, this one looks like a win for all.

Prescott R. Burk and Susan B. Tobey