A military veteran in southern Maine wrote to the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund this month asking for help to give his three young daughters a happy Christmas.

“Just over a year and half ago, I lost a job that paid really well. I had to go back to work for a previous employer. Doing so, I took a 75 percent cut in pay and for a long time was borrowing money just to keep my house and cars so I can live and work.

“I have recently been promoted, but the pay is still 35 percent less than I was making. I still have to juggle bills just to make sure everything is paid. We are usually left with nothing extra.

“I am college educated and a disabled vet, but getting a great job is hard. I would just like to make sure my three girls have a good Christmas. They are great kids (who) volunteer for the Girl Scouts every year. … Thank you for your consideration.”

The Portland Press Herald Toy fund – now in its 66th year – is accepting applications for toys from needy families in Cumberland, York, Sagadahoc, Lincoln and Knox counties. Applications can be downloaded at pressheraldtoyfund.org or picked up at the Welcome Center desk on the fifth floor of One City Center in Portland. Call 791-6672 to have one mailed to you. The deadline for applications has been extended to Dec. 15.

Donations to help buy the toys can be made on the website or by writing checks to the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund and mailing them to the fund at P.O. Box 7310, Portland, ME 04112.


The campaign’s fundraising goal this year is $250,000. The total raised so far is $50,546.


In loving memory of Patty Bruns $25

A nicer Christmas for the kids – Carolyn Bird $75

Ralph Hillman $50

In memory of my Dad – Sharon Lorraine $25


Barbara Boes $100

In memory of my Mom, Thelma Gould – Judith Skofield $25

Donna Emery $20

In memory of Barry Campbell, Vietnam veteran, 1947-1995 $100

For a child from Scooter $25

Alice Spencer $100


In memory of family members who have passed on – Jean Levine $30

Charles Hedrick $30

Anonymous $500

In loving memory of Ruth A. Bennett and Elmer Constant – Gardner Graffam Jr. . $100

In memory of the hard Christmases – Margo Dittmer $25

In memory of our parents, Bob and Irene and Leo and Barbara $50


Timothy March $20

Anonymous $500

In memory of James D. Wallace Jr. from M&S $100

In memory of Lloyd and Joyce Mahler $100

In memory of Irene Kendal and Robert Gagnon – Margaret and Jerry Kendall $150

Marion Hopkins $100


Lorraine Pregenzer $100

Chris Lutes $100

In memory of Ed and Kay Kelly, Nanny and Ann $100

For the kids $100

Brockway-Smith Employee Fund Committee $200

In loving memory of our parents, Carl and Millie Maksut $50


In loving memory of our parents, Joseph and Jacqueline Gagne $50

Happy Holidays to all! – Derek Berg $250

In memory of Caoimhe $1,000

Anonymous $60

In memory of Blanche Huntley, Louis Peters and Beverly and Virgil Plaisted – Linda Peters $100

Joan Marvin $25


For the children – Roger and Lydia Percival $25

In remembrance of my parents, Whitney and Isabelle Caldwell – Judith Calwell-Manion $100

Ann Pipkin $100

In loving memory of Edward and Anita Ventura, Barbara Pepper and John Orlowski – Annie and Dale $10

In memory of James Dennis Wallace Jr. – Linda Myers $100

Edna Krull $100


Thomas F. Hickey $100

Merry Christmas to family and friends – Dick and Evie Tonneson $500

In memory of William and Edna Shattuck. We love you and remember you generosity. Your loving family $325

In loving memory of our great grandparents, Emmons and Joan Johnson – Daniel, Elizabeth and Sean $200

In loving memory of Jane E. Quirk from Quirkie $100

Merry Christmas – Dianne T. Goodrich $100


In loving memory of my father, George Smith, from your daughter – Theresa $25

In loving memory of Burton D. Bailey – Faith Bailey $25

Merry Christmas! – Chris and Larry Bennett $100

In memory of our loving parents – Miles and Roberta Thompson and William and Martha Horr $25

From Ollie’s Mom and Daddy $50

Nina Comiskey $100


Warm wishes to all Maine kids! – Susan Sarvay and Fred Kemp $50

Ruth P. Goforth $100

Kathleen Pierce $100

Merry Christmas to all! – Robert Savoy $100

In memory of my twin sister, Jane – Emily Goodie $25

In loving memory of our parents: Bill and Toni McDonough and Harold and Vicki Bragdon – Carol and Bill Bragdon $50


In memory of Cynthia Lawhorn Oja. The love goes on – Barbara Buckely Stone $75

In memory of Ricky Emmons Sr., #16 – Dean and Dad $50

Staff at Maine Nephrology Associates $150

Gary P. Farmer $50

Anonymous $1,000

Today’s total: $8,220

Year to date: $50,546

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